Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life Imitates Dilbert

Via the Blogfaddah, further proof that "Dilbert" is actually a documentary:

“On February 23, ABC TV Channel 7, WTRF News (Wheeling, West Virginia/ Steubenville, Ohio), posted on its website what was originally credited as a story ‘written by’ reporter Bob Westfall. Unfortunately, though, this posting was nothing but a word-for-word re-posting of Democrat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown’s latest press release. There was little to no difference between Brown’s press release and the ’story’ as posted on the ABC 7 news site.”

From February of 2007 (click through to see the punchline):

Although to be fair, I seriously doubt that Sherrod Brown had to buy Bob Westfall any drinks. Much more likely the hack was happy to run with the xeroxed press release gratis.

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