Friday, July 17, 2009


The U.S. Senate is never going to be mistaken for a Mensa chapter (and that applies to both parties), but even given the low intellectual and personal standards, Barbara Boxer is one of the dimmest bulbs and least-appealing personalities to ever get their windbaggery on in the north wing of the Capitol.

The most damning thing I could possibly say about the California Republican Party, the Party that once produced Ronald Reagan, is that in the last three (soon to be four) Senate election cycles, it still can't come up with even one candidate who can beat this shrill airhead:

I mean, seriously--you can't find anybody who could beat that? No wonder you guys on the Left Coast are in a permanent minority.


  1. Who got Cranston's seat--her or DiFi? He wasn't exactly an intellectual heavy-weight, but at least you could understand his positions. He sponsored my best friend's appointment to West Point back in the mid-80s, and though we didn't agree with much of his political positions, we still basically respected him. The current batch? Not so much....

  2. Heck, the Pubbies will put up a GOB (good ol' boy) against her and that will be that. Women will vote for a vapid airhead democrat before they'll go fawning after a Mitt Romney or Huck, since it's all the same politics; rock-star celebrity is all any politician is interested in, so give the girl the prize. And I say that as a Reagan Zombie. Mitt is a Huckster and they're both a coupla GOBs.

    We need a GOBstopper candidate who is a Public Servant, not a politician. I wonder who?

  3. The series of poor Republican candidates is the result of several factors:

    1. The legacy of Prop. 187, which seems to have permanently alienated Latinos from conservatives;
    2. The polarizing effect of gerrymandering, encouraging Republicans to push themselves so much further to the right than the just-right-of-the-peak-of-the-bell-curve sweet spot where they can actually get elected to statewide office;
    3. Incompetence at the state party level in the form of poorly-administered fundraising ability and a reliance on cutting-edge technologies of the 1960's like phone banks and direct mail to get out the vote;
    4. Over-reliance on 'wedge issues' like same-sex marriage to drive religious voters to the polls at the expense of actually reaching out to moderate voters with wise policy proposals.

    As a result, anyone in California with significant political ambitions will survey the landscape and either a) become a Democrat or b) move to another state. Tends to be bad for candidate recruitment.