Wednesday, August 12, 2009

David Scott's Sign

David Scott's satellite office, referenced here, is about a mile from my house. I just drove past it on my lunch break, and a brand-new replacement sign was already up.

It's almost like they had a back-up sign ready, just in case.


  1. If this were some planned event to demonize Scott's critics, wouldn't it make more sense to leave the defaced sign in place for a while?

    How long does it take to make a sign anyway?

  2. Let's see here; assuming no appliques (such as the seal on the lower left), there's the base white coat, then let it dry. Then there's the border, the lettering (Scott's name is a different color and larger font than the rest), the seal.

    Speaking as a modeler, not a sign-maker, it's generally considered a good idea to mask off and apply different elements as separate steps, allowing the paint to dry before the next step. Back of envelope guesstimate: five steps (base, border, black font, blue font, seal). Six if you add a sealer on top of the work. Six hours minimum, and that's pushing it.

    Perhaps there a super-quick-drying coat for sign making, or maybe the whole thing is a single, giant applique. But I'm guessing not.