Thursday, September 24, 2009

All Your Files Are Belong To Us

How great is it to be Andrew Breitbart right now? Not only is he running rings around the see-no-evil-on-the-Left mainstream media, the guy just got subpoena power over the radical Left's most prominent organization--and they were dumb enough to hand it to him!

Andrew's going to have more fun with that than he'd have managing a Dash Rip Rock Reunion Tour. And he is a big Dash fan...


  1. Come on man, how do you know he's a Dash fan? ;-)

  2. He told me so about a year ago. (Andrew's a Tulane grad, probably friends with Chris for all we know.)

    (This concludes today's Enterprise High School reunion segment, we now return you to our regularly-scheduled blog...)

  3. I suspect that ACORN will wise up.

    Come on, there has to be someone in that organization with brains, surely!