Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Vision Thing

Check this out:

Individuals can now do things that only large groups of people with lots of money could do before. What that means is, we have much more opportunity for people to get to the marketplace — not just the marketplace of commerce but the marketplace of ideas. The marketplace of publications, the marketplace of public policy. You name it. We've given individuals and small groups equally powerful tools to what the largest, most heavily funded organizations in the world have. And that trend is going to continue. You can buy for under $10,000 today a computer that is just as powerful, basically, as one anyone in the world can get their hands on.

The second thing that we've done is the communications side of it. By creating this electronic web, we have flattened out again the difference between the lone voice and the very large organized voice. We have allowed people who are not part of an organization to communicate and pool their interests and thoughts and energies together and start to act as if they were a virtual organization.

So I think this technology has been extremely rewarding. And I don't think it's anywhere near over.

Nothing Earth-shattering there, right? Same familiar "Army Of Davids" stuff that we've all been seeing (if not saying ourselves) for nearly a decade now.

Except that quote, from a Rolling Stone interview, was uttered not five or even ten years ago, but rather all the way back in 1994.

The speaker? Steve Jobs.

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