Friday, May 22, 2009

All The News That's Fit To Censor

You may recall CNN reporter Susan Roesgen's unhinged rant at a Tea Party protester from last month. Then again, you may have trouble recalling it, since CNN, the "Network Of Record," complained to YouTube about Roesgen's embarassing performance being posted online, and had a clip of what was obviously news--just news that the Cable News Network didn't want you to watch--pulled.

To its credit (even if it did take over a month, plus bloggers and lawyers pointing out that CNN does not have the power to censor a legitimate news story), YouTube finally told CNN to stuff it, and re-posted the video today:

Major kudos to Founding Bloggers, who posted Roesgen's idiocy in the first place, for fighting back and getting You Tube to back down. As for my hometown "news" network, I defer to a protester at Atlanta's Tea Party:

H/T: The Blogfaddah.

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