Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Catching Up

First up, thanks to Mike Hendrix (of Cold Fury fame) and his fellow lunatics in the Belmont Playboys for a hella-good time at Atlanta's Star Bar Bubbapalooza festival Saturday night. Great guy, great band, all-around good time. You haff my gwatitude.

The Blogfaddah doesn't write that many posts longer than a sentence or two (and that's to his credit, brevity being a cardinal virtue of blogging in my book), but when he does, it's what we used to call an E.F. Hutton moment. Today is such a day, so, er, go read the whole thing.

When even the Washington Post asserts that a Leftie administration is acting like a bully and favoring a major campaign contributor, the chances are very good that they're right.

Finally, from the Great White North, it's Bob & Doug & Cthulhu.

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