Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Dog

So last night, my wife is at orchestra rehearsal, and it's just me and the bullmastiff at home. I settle in on the couch and prop my feet, wrapped in a knit blanket, on the coffee table.

The dog suddenly starts staring at my feet as if they're something she's never seen before, and then actually barking at them. "How cute," I think. "The dog thinks my feet look funny in a blanket." I twitch my toes around trying to make her bark more. She's fixated on them, jumping around like she does when she's facing off on another dog at the park. This goes on for quite a while.

Then a giant freaking wasp, which the dog could see but I couldn't, crawls up from where it had been on the soles of my feet, to the top of my toes. When I got over being bug-eyed (pun intended), I tossed the blanket over the wasp, dropped it on the floor, sprayed a ton of Raid on it... and gave Maggie a couple of treats.

GOOD dog.

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