Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Ballad of Brave Sir Ryan

As suggested by a commenter below, and with due apologies to Monty Python, may I present:

The Ballad of Brave Sir Ryan

Bravely bold Sir Ryan, rode forth from Washington
He was not afraid to meet, oh brave Sir Ryan
He was not at all afraid to be criticized in nasty ways,
Brave brave brave brave Sir Ryan

He was not in the least bit scared to be scolded to a pulp
or to have his funds dry up and his polling broken
To have his excuses scoffed and his approval burned away
and his press releases all hacked and mangled, Brave Sir Ryan

His talking points bashed in and his favorables cut out
and his staff removed and his budget unplugged
and his office lost and his career ended and his Congressional Pension--

"Thats enough music for now lads, looks like there’s dirty work afoot"



  1. We need a stanza for Brave Sir Stupak who fought so hard and then ran away. Brave Sir Stupak ran away.

  2. The original inspired, of course, by the Duke of Plaza-Toro's song "In enterprise of martial kind" from Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Gondoliers"....

  3. Actually, it should be Sir Tim, and Sir Bart.

    TimMan: Be honest, Sir Bart didn't run away, Sir Bart caved. How about a ballad for Sir Bart, the Caveman?

  4. Yes, but "Sir Tim" not only does not rhyme with "Sir Robin," I strongly suspect it does not float.

  5. We are now no longer the knights who say "morality."

    We are now the knights who say "expediency!"


  6. What if protesters sang versions of this song in unison to every evasive congresscritter or "journalist" or celebrity like Sean Penn?

    It'd be AWESOME!!!!!

  7. I've only changed 3 words and I think it works. Ah, the Alinsky principle of ridicule!

    Brave Sir Ryan ran away
    Bravely ran away, away
    When voters reared their outraged heads
    He bravely turned his tail and fled
    Yes, brave Sir Ryan turned about
    And gallantly he chickened out
    Bravely taking to his feet
    He beat a very brave retreat
    Bravest of the brave, Sir Ryan

  8. When Pelosi raised her ugly head,
    The Dems all cast their votes, then fled.

    This thing has the makings of an epic ballad...

  9. "Arf, arf, arf, arf!"

    "What's that, girl? You say Timmy fell into the old well?


  10. Stephen is right you are on a roll!