Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tim Ryan: Profile In Courage

From The Hill:

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio) canceled a town hall on the new healthcare law Tuesday because of concerns about the security of the event.

The congressman's office cited safety issues at the facility where the meeting was to take place and threats to his office, according to a report by News21.

"We just thought it best to cancel it for safety concerns. This was not meant to be a place where we're going to talk partisan politics," Pat Lowry, a member of Ryan's staff, told News21.

I particularly love this next line from staffer Lowry:

"Don't get me wrong, Congressman Ryan will debate anyone, anytime."

Except, of course, voters in his own district, during a recess, when cameras are running.

We here at wish both Congressman Ryan and Pat Lowry nothing but the best in their upcoming job searches. Might I suggest a rewarding career at Kentucky Fried Chicken?

UPDATE: The town hall wasn't the only cancellation for Brave Sir Ryan this week:

About one dozen protesters. many of them carrying signs, was apparently all it took to cancel Congressman Tim Ryan's appearance at the Youngstown Community Health Center Tuesday.

A spokesman for Ryan said there were security concerns, calling it "obviously a significant issue."

Although spokesman Pat Lowry mentioned no specific threats being made at the event, he also said that wasn't the only reason Ryan was a no show.

Nope, no threats--other than being caught on camera with constituents who don't agree with him.


  1. Wow. Just wow.

    So let me get this straight: he was "courageous" enough to vote the party line on healthcare, but he's not courageous enough to face his constituents and explain why he voted against their wishes?

    I guess that founder was right who said, "When the government fears the people, that's freedom." Apparently, democrats aren't too into freedom, huh?

  2. He's just stalling while he gathers enough government workers (union and otherwise) to be able to crack the skulls of his actual constituents.

    Mark it.

  3. I think it is totally unfair to abuse him like this. Of course he might have some security concerns with all those PEOPLE hanging around. God Bless him for standing down! Government can only continue to function when you have leaders who can follow or hide. Can't be too careful.

  4. Abuse?

    The dude volunteered to enter the fray because he wanted POWER over his fellow citizens.

    As far as I'm concerned, the US Congress ought to be meeting in Quonset huts above the Arctic Circle, and should heve to get to meetings using their own dog sleds. And if they get lost in blizzards and die, well ho hum. They;re members of our only native criminal class, after all.


    Oh. Jeez. Sorry. I missed the irony. Well done!

  5. His constituents should hold a town hall anyway. Put a life-size paper cut out of him on the stage. Next to it, an empty chair with a working phone on it. Invite him to call it in if he's too scared to face the people.

    If he has an opponent in the next election, he should be welcome to attend.

  6. He can work KFC but he will avoid actually dealing with customers I suppose.

  7. Ha ha ha love the Brave Sir Robin reference. Mind if I add the link to this song?

  8. Your wish is my command. See the post just above...

  9. Bring back that dude in the CHICKEN SUIT who followed Papa Bush around during his campaign!

    Then watch the media call it "incitement"!