Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That'll Leave A Mark

From a reader's email to Instapundit:

I wonder if Baby Boomers moaning about their leeching Millennial children ever gave thought to the fact that much of my generation’s upbringing, not to mention an economy captive to a welfare-entitlement tsunami, is really a function of the Boomer generation’s narcissism and we-are-the-world asshattery?

The "Millenials" are far from the only folks with that attitude. A considerable and cross-partisan chunk of my own turning-forty generation has always been resigned to the fact that we're going to be saddled with cleaning up after the irresponsible Sixties pukes.


  1. Amen to that. Notice that "WE generation" millenial video? http://www.gen-we.com/ They blame the boomers and assume responsibility to fix everything, and don't even acknowledge a generation exists in the middle--gen X'ers. Hel-lo, we've been chest-deep and working to fix things awhile now, so grab a mop already.

  2. Trailing the Boomers was no picnic. It seem everything they touched ended with excess and scandal. They would be given an inch yet take a mile. It's worse now that the Boomers have taken over much of the media and flood the world with false nostalgia concerning their generation.

  3. The Generational Warfare is coming. Right now, the Boomers are in their prime, and don't know what the hell to do with it. Gen X is eyeing them, and making plans.

    Think about the generation definers. The Greatest (ha!) Generation had the depression and the war. Gen X had dot.com and the Information Age. What do the boomers have? Hippies and losing Vietnam.

    The boomers are a loser bum generation. The good ones (the ones who held jobs and fought the war) let the pansies take the limelight, and it was the wrong decision. Now they (and we) have to live with it.

    Us in Gen X, though? They were too high and angry to raise us, so we had to raise ourselves. We went out and rode the dot.com bubble to learn how to do for ourselves. The Millenials, though, got the sobered up, OMG don't hurt yourself old hippies to "raise" them under the same Dr. Spock BS that ruined the boomers in the first place.

    In 10 years, the boomers will be broke, SS will be broke, and the boomers will be eating cat food. Gen X will be runnning the economy and the Millennials will act surly between getting our coffee and going home to take care of their fool parents.

    You know what the real difference between Gen X and the Millennials is, though? Gen X knows that Fight Club is a comedy, and the Millennials think that it is a documentary.

  4. Like my fellow Gen Xers, I have seen this trainwreck coming down the rails for a long, long time. Even in high school, I had already integrated the idea that there would be no Social Security and no Medicare for my old age.

    I also accepted the fact that I would continue needing to pay those taxes to protect the current beneficiaries. What I didn't anticipate is the momentum that these and other disasters would have to continue regardless of cost for the massive baby boomer generation. That they force this foolishness on all of us at the expense of the future of our children and theirs is sickening.

    When Gen Xers are the primary ones footing the bill to pay for the boondoggles of baby boomer entitlement voting, generational warfare will ensue. Such warfare will not be waged with violence. The much more effective and inevitable weapon will be an economically rational reduction of productivity by the then most productive members of society.

  5. OMG your comment leavers are hilarious.

    Gen X is the only generation emotionally equipped to handle cleaning up the mess left behind. We don't care about public opinion the way that Boomers and Millenials do. We just don't care if everyone loves us and assume that most people don't. So...that will be our asset in making the hard decisions.

  6. Depending on how you slice the demographic baloney, I'm either a late Boomer or early GenX'er. (I was born in '62.) Like Master Typo, I've been resigned to the "Apres moi, le deluge" attitude of my older Boomer siblings. It's a source of hope to me that people younger than I am seem to be fairly skeptical of government power and competence. If only we can get through the Boomers' love-affair with Big Government, we might have a shot at dismantling the Progressive Nanny-state we've been saddled with.

    My two cents' worth......

    Hale Adams
    Pikesville, People's Democratic Republic of Maryland

  7. As one who was on the leading edge of the Boomers ['47] let me remind you young pukes that not all 'Boomers' fit your snide characterization.

    Not all of us were born into lives of ease and could spend time being Hippies or being self-indulgent. Some of [actually, many of] us worked our way out of poverty via the education available to us [I attended a one room schoolhouse for a few years], took any job available, and have saved for our retirement/old age.

    Unfortunately, GenX and the Millenials seem to believe that everything they see/saw on tv or read in Wikipedia about Boomers *must* be true about all Boomers. Try doing a little real research some time.

    Personally, I'd put the abilities of the guy who finished in the middle of my rural high school graduating class against the top 5% of Millenials any time in a contest of wits, education, writing ability, work ethic, or connection with reality.

    Just sayin'.

  8. Phelps said:

    "The boomers are a loser bum generation."

    I bet your Daddy wishes he had just rolled over that night, whacked off and let what became you hit the wall. Say that sh-t to your parents, punk.

    You spoiled little punksters are welcome to it. As most of the supposed Gens that followed the Boomers, you are spoiled narcissistic little babies. FOAD.

  9. It's the height of birth-group bigotry to suppose that everyone born in somebody's arbitrarily-chosen 20-year period thinks alike, acts alike, or walks alike.

  10. I bet your Daddy wishes he had just rolled over that night, whacked off and let what became you hit the wall. Say that sh-t to your parents, punk.

    I do say it to my parents, internet tough guy, and they agree with me. And I didn't say that all boomers were hippies and bums -- I said that the ones who did keep jobs and fight in the war let the hippies take the limelight. Just like Vietnam, you won the battles and lost the war. Your generation fucked up -- man up and admit it.