Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kevin Rudd, Tool

From the BBC:

Few are laughing in Australia following Robin Williams' joke that its people are "basically English rednecks".

His remarks, made on The Late Show with David Letterman, prompted Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to respond on a Sydney radio show.

"I think Robin Williams should go and spend a little time in Alabama before he frames comments about people being particularly redneck," said Mr Rudd.

Being a native Alabamian, I can but note that nobody from Alabama ever set up anything nearly as stupid as Rudd's recent "global warming" plan that cost nearly $3 billion and led directly to over a hundred houses burning down and several deaths. That's pretty impressive; my 100%-Alabamian grandad was an electrician, and in a 60-year career (he was still doing wiring in his 80's), he never managed to burn down even one house.

I understand that "bogan" is Australian for "redneck." Say, Tim, what's Aussie for, "Rudd, you're a tool?"


  1. Way to stand up for those of us from Alabama. May live in Georgia now but Alabama will always be home.

    War Eagle '92

  2. as an aussie i wish to apologise for kevin rudd... the most embarrassing prime minister in our history.

    the guy is so far up himself he thinks the sun shines out of his arse but he is really a walking disaster zone as one after another of his madcap schemes falls apart.

    you yanks should feel sorry for us aussies... we have to put up with this imbecile every day.

  3. Well, whatever the truth of the matter, Rudd has made us look like the rednecks here.

    Honest, we really do have a sense of humour. Extend my personal apologies to Robin Williams if you see him.

  4. No, we are not all English and we are not rednecks.

    Yes, we still have a sense of humor, but its hard to cope with the idiots among us who voted for this pathetic KRudd-clown and can't even remember it....

    But then again, where did your enlightened progressives take you in the US of A? How's that Hop'nChange coming along?

  5. Stinkfoot/Geckko -

    Certainly no apologies needed from our friends down under - we have our own sins to atone for.
    Namely, Rudd's kindred Kenyan who is doing his level best to destroy not only our own country but the rest of the free world as well.

    Sheik, I hadn't had much time to dwell on Rudd's lack of a sense of humor, as our own loser leftist Chief Exec has been sorely testing mine.

  6. At least now the good people of Alabama know what idiots are running the country Down Under - In my view, an embarrassment. At least this issue will die away for you guys - I have to put up with Rudd for next few years - Sorry.....
    I have friends in your state (Alabama) - Go Auburn Tigers.

  7. "cost nearly $3 billion and led directly to over a hundred houses burning down and several deaths."

    Shamelessly partisan garbage. The plan increased the number of homes insulated dramatically; the rates of insulation fires actually DROPPED. And $2.45 billion Australian (an opponent's estimate) is hardly $US3 billion.

    The media incompetence (or downright dishonesty in certain cases) in reporting this story has been shocking.