Monday, March 29, 2010

At PJM: What Really Happened?

Here's a new column of mine for Pajamas Media. A preview:

I wasn’t in Pelosi’s strategy meeting that day, but I’ll tell you what I think went on in there:

I think the House Democrats planned this from the start.

I think they looked out the window, and looked at the polls, and looked at their dismal electoral prospects this November and decided to try and smear their opposition. I think they decided before they ever walked out of the Cannon Building what they were going to say to the press once they reached the Capitol, no matter what actually happened — or didn’t happen — along the way. And just in case they did manage to run across some fool saying something really stupid, they had their own cameras rolling.

The Democrats and the left in general have been trying unsuccessfully to smear and marginalize the tea party movement for over a year now. I think that in the face of a storm of opposition, they decided to try for a Hail Mary pass; they picked a charge perfectly calibrated to excite the prejudices of their allies in the media and get big coverage. In the last, at least, they were successful.


  1. I liked the column, and generally agree with your conclusions. I have only one suggestion: "florid" is a wonderfully descriptive word, but don't use it so much. There were three of them in close proximity, and I thought that really sucked the life out of it by the third use.