Monday, March 2, 2009

Greatest Hits

First off, welcome to Corner readers, and a big thank-you to Jonah Goldberg for the kind plug. I'm still winching my jaw up off the floor from seeing the hit counter turn into a blur.

Since is a brand-new blog, I though it'd be worth the effort to post links to some of my prior writing. This "Greatest Hits" rundown contains a few of my quickly-selected favorite pieces from the Blogs Of Yore over in the left-hand column of this page.

In honor of the aforementioned plug, here's I Was An eBay Voldemort from NRO, retelling a fairly eventful 24 hours from last summer involving me, eBay and a mysteriously-early copy of the last Harry Potter book.

Some highlights from VodkaPundit:

My post-election day post mortem from last November

Elegy for New Orleans

Vodkapundit vs. Steve Lovelady, Part I

Vodkapundit vs. Steve Lovelady, Part II

Vodkapundit vs. Steve Lovelady, Part III

MSM, Heal Thyself

From Will's World:

Ten Years After

Abandon In Place

Second Skin

1 comment:

  1. Will,

    Your links to your Lovelady letters reminds me of the Eason Jordan turning point, i.e. the point where MSM journalists (following Rather gate and Eason's gaffe) vowed never to give another whiff of oxygen to conservative bloggers under any circumstances. That vow is one of the few things they have successfully navigated in the years since. The overt politicization of the MSM into ever bigger propaganda mouthpieces has accelerated since then and with it the comedic property of the word "journalist".

    One important effect, however, is that conservatives have failed to make any inroads into the liberal monopoly on news content for the undecided, mushy middle of the American electorate which still decides elections. Talk radio preaches to the choir. Conservative bloggers preach to a tiny slice of that choir. As a result, the casual undecided voter (relying entirely on the MSM and Hollywood) believes that Iraq was a total disaster, Bush lied about WMD, the tax cuts were for the wealthy, the globe is warming toward catastrophe, Katrina was Bush's fault, and the credit crunch recession was caused by deregulation.

    Conservatives are now arguing about demands to change the message when they ought to be focused on how they are going to beat the boycott and communicate the message to the undecided voter. The content of the message doesn't matter much if you have no way to communicate with the people who need to hear it.

    Whining about MSM bias and praying for another Reagan ain't a plan.

    Curious about your thoughts regarding the Eason Jordan turning point, etc.