Monday, March 30, 2009

Who Watches The AJC?

Back in January, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution held an open audition for their token conservative columnist job (I applied for it, you can read more about that in the archive links titled "Anatomy of a Rejection"). In the original announcement, editor Julia Wallace wrote that the AJC anticipated announcing the new hire "in mid-March."

There's one more day left in March, and other than a page of sample columns from ten still-anonymous finalists over a month ago, so far, no announcement; as far as I can tell there's been no mention of the new columnist search at all in the last several weeks (although I freely admit that I don't exactly read the AJC cover-to-cover--or at all, if I can help it).

So hey, AJC, what's the deal? Can't make a decision? Couldn't find anybody who'd work for peanuts? Too much pushback from the newsroom over hiring an "outsider"? Did Anne Cox Chambers declare that she's not paying for any stinking conservatives?

Inquiring minds are sort of curious.

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