Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back In Business

If you've checked this blog over the past day or so, you may have been directed to one of those generic domain name dumping grounds instead of this page. That's because I nearly let expire after over a decade of being "the master of my own domain."

Best I can tell, what happened is that the renewal reminder emails from my registrar all vanished into the maw of AT&T's over-zealous spam filter (I occasionally miss emails from such suspicious characters as my wife and sister thanks to that filter). Fortunately for me, reader Jonathan Bailey noticed the goofed-up page, and sent a note via Steve Green giving me a heads-up. As you can see, all is now well, and the domain (along with and, all of which I bought many years ago) is now renewed and back to normal.

So, Jonathan, once again: many thanks. And for everybody else, don't forget to check that spam folder--regularly.

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