Sunday, January 24, 2010

That'll Leave A Mark

Michael Barone winds up and lays a barrage of haymakers on Barack Obama's BFF at the New York Times:

Members of "the educated class" may have heard of Edmund Burke, but they take the very un-Burkean view that those with elite educations can readily rearrange society to comport with their pet abstract theories. These often secular Americans have a quasi-religious faith in government's ability to, in Obama's words to Joe the Plumber, "spread the wealth around" and to recalibrate the energy sector to protect against climate dangers they are absolutely sure are impending.

Ordinary Americans, even in Massachusetts, may not have heard of Edmund Burke, but they share his skepticism that self-appointed experts can re-engineer institutions in accordance with abstract theories. Two generations ago they voted for the likes of Jimmy Burke to make occasional adjustments. Last week they voted against the Democratic policies that would have appalled Edmund Burke. Obama, of Morningside Heights, Cambridge and Hyde Park, still has the support of "the educated class" -- but not anybody else.

As the saying goes, if this was a prizefight, they'd have stopped it by now.

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