Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Get Over It

Clearly, fellow Eagle Glenn Frey was right when he noted, "Nobody can suck the joy out of a room quicker than Don Henley." From Jim Geraghty:

Chuck DeVore, a Republican candidate for Senate in 2010, wanted to have some fun, putting up a parody of Don Henley's "The Boys of Summer" entitled "After the Hope of November Is Gone", poking fun at President Obama.

Obama overload, Obama overreach

We feel it everywhere, trillions in the breach

Empty bank, empty street

Dollar goes down alone

Pelosi's in the House so now we must all atone

Silly stuff, right? Well, it appears Don Henley filed a copyright claim.

You'd think that after 15 years of cash from reunion tours, Henley would be able to afford a lawyer who could explain the fair use for parody exception in copyright law.

Or not.

Get over it, Don, before we sic Mojo Nixon on you again.

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